The Employee Recognition Essentials Package

Looking to improve workplace culture and increase brand recognition? The Employee Recognition Essentials Package is your solution, providing branded merchandise gifts and a recognition platform for your employees, a customer gifting program, and a $1000 credit towards your purchases.

The Employee Recognition Essentials Package

Branded merchandise gifts for employees

Basic customer gifting program

Desktop and phone app-based recognition platform for employees

1 Hr. Consultation on Recognition Program

Branded Store with Merchandise, Gifts and Awards for customers and employees

$1000.00 credit towards your purchases

Cost: $2500.00

    Employee Recognition Essentials Package

    Benefits of This Package

    This package provides the essentials for improving workplace culture and increasing brand recognition. You'll be able to show your employees that you value them through branded merchandise gifts and our easy-to-use recognition platform. You'll also have a basic customer gifting program to help build strong relationships with your customers.


    Don't wait any longer to enhance your workplace culture and increase brand recognition. Get started today with the Employee Recognition Essentials Package. Order now and take the first step towards building stronger relationships with your employees and customers.

      Employee Recognition Essentials Package

      What People Say About Us

      As you know we spend a great deal [AI1] of time, money and energy creating a top-notch program that really means something for our Dealers. I along with many, appreciate all you do for us in helping create that magic. You coming out to our Kinetico field sales meeting and listening to our concerns and coming up with a tremendous game plan is very much appreciated It is so nice being associated with a great team like Inch Creative!

      Ted Jones
      Kinetico Incorporate

      The other day I received your package. I was blown away by your company’s generosity in making things right. I was expecting the "peeler knife" to be a small peanut knife size knife, not a full-sized Buck folder. I am pretty much speechless! As for the fillet knife, it is exactly what I wanted. I am heading to north-western Ontario next week (north of Minnesota) where the fish can be shall I say large.

      Thank you for your extreme above and beyond customer service, it is greatly appreciated

      Andy Taylor

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