Incentivizing Employees

What is the most important asset in any business? That’s right, your employees! You want your employees to be happy with their job because you care about them, but also because you want them to be loyal to your business. 

We have found that there are many ways that you can help keep your team fulfilled. One of these ways is through incentive programs. 

How Do Employee Incentive Programs Work?

We offer a few different programs to help incentivize employees, such as the swag box. The premise of this program is that employees earn rewards for, say, participating in continuous education. With their rewards, they can use those points to purchase something from the swag box, which can be stocked with branded merchandise, electronics, you name it. 

Now, the key to these programs is offering swag that your employees actually want, not ‘landfill items.’

What is a Landfill Item?

A landfill item is exactly what you think, something that is just going to end up being thrown in the trash. 

Stocking your incentive swag box with items that will actually incentives employees to participate will not only help keep trash out of landfills, but it will motivate your team to become a part of the culture!

Learn More About Employee Incentives with Inch Creative

If you are interested in learning more about how you can incentive your employees while keeping them happy, contact us today!

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