Logo VS Branding

As a business owner with a logo and branding, you might be a little confused as to how they differ. Luckily for you, Inch Creative can help! 

The Differences Between Logo And Branding 

They both represent the same thing, so this is tricky. Logos represent the brand within your company. However, the ideas behind branding and logos are vastly different. Branding is based on emotions, and a logo is a symbol that evokes emotion to draw you towards a specific brand.

How To Discover Your Logo And Branding 

Perhaps you are now wondering which comes first? In short, they work together. When it comes to research, sometimes your company’s logo and branding can benefit each other. Once you discover your logo, your branding may find its way to you or vice versa.

Branding is always at the heart of logo ideas, regardless of where you start. Inch Creative can help your business with both branding and logo design, so you don’t need to worry about which comes first. 

Learn More About Logos And Branding 

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