Lumpy Mail

Maybe you’re thinking of running a direct mail campaign. Or perhaps you’re trying to get all your new seasonal information out to your clients. Either way, lumpy mail can be problematic in getting your messages across to your clients.

Understanding Lumpy Mail 

Lumpy mail is a term coined in any industry. Lumpy mail is those thick envelopes that you might get in the mail from a company or organization. The lump mail is bulky, barely closes, and feels heavy in your hand. 

Lumpy mail may sound bad, but to anyone who has received this form of communication, they know that it also comes with a bit of excitement. Your curiosity fills your mind to open up the envelope and discover what’s inside.  

Should Your Company Invest In Lumpy Mail? 

If you’re sending out information to your clients, sometimes it’s not a bad idea to have it all in one place. But is what you’re sending vital to your company? Is the information you are sending essential, or can it wait? Will the contents of the lumpy mail fill your customer’s heart up with joy? 

Lumpy mail can be an expensive form of marketing and, if not done correctly, can ruin your marketing budget.

Lumpy mail is still an effective tool for fostering long-term customer relationships and generating significant revenue for your business.

Learn More About Lump Mail

A lumpy mail campaign can help boost results and create loyal customers. To learn more about lumpy mail, visit our website for more details. 

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