Recognizing People, Not Just as an Employee

A common issue in larger companies is that employees can feel like a ‘number.’ They might think, well my management or my HR team doesn’t care about me, I’m just a number to them. And that’s just not the case. 

As a human resource representative, you want the people you work with to feel like just that, a person, not a number. So, what can you do to help them not feel lost in the crowd? Recognizing them as an individual, not as an employee. 

Inch Creative offers programs to help HR departments recognize their team’s life achievements. For example, Inch Creative has put together a program for a company that celebrates when a member of their team has a new child. As part of the program, the HR rep. can order an infant onesie to send to the new mother or father. 

This shows that the business cares about their people on a personal, human level and not just for their work achievements.

There are countless other ways to celebrate the individuals in your company, like offering thanks and recognizing Veterans on Veteran’s Day, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, you name it! This is just one way to help your team feel recognized for their individual life achievements outside of work. 

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