Design Services

Thoughtful design services that connect people with your brand, culture and purpose

Full-Service Graphic Design

Thoughtful design services that connect people with your brand, culture and purpose.

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Think Beyond the Logo

Sure, a logo is a symbol to represent your brand. Alone, it’s just a stamp. When integrated with a tailored design package, your logo is a powerful statement tied to your mission and vision, who you are as an organization and the experiences you deliver.


Custom Web Design

Your business is different than the competition—and your web presence is the front door and first impression many potential clients will experience before initiating contact. You deserve more than a template web design that feels generic. We’ll help you achieve a custom website on budget, on time and most importantly, on brand.


Elevate Your Image

Photography and typography, color palette and aesthetic approach. Thoughtful design incorporates powerful imagery that tells stories without words and leaves a lasting impression. You’ve seen piecemeal campaigns that lack a cohesive look and feel—and it’s unprofessional. Raise the bar for your brand. We’ll show you how.


Spark Connections that Last

Creative, well-planned design cultivates these connections and makes them stronger. Branded design can link you to customers and fans, stir emotion and foster commitment to your mission. Consistent, custom graphic design and messaging is the unspoken “sticky stuff” that makes a brand memorable.


Andy Taylor

The other day I received your package. I was blown away by your company’s generosity in making things right. I was expecting the "peeler knife" to be a small peanut knife size knife, not a full-sized Buck folder. I am pretty much speechless! As for the fillet knife, it is exactly what I wanted. I am heading to north-western Ontario next week (north of Minnesota) where the fish can be shall I say large.

Thank you for your extreme above and beyond customer service, it is greatly appreciated


Kinetico Incorporate

Ted Jones

As you know we spend a great deal [AI1] of time, money and energy creating a top-notch program that really means something for our Dealers. I along with many, appreciate all you do for us in helping create that magic. You coming out to our Kinetico field sales meeting and listening to our concerns and coming up with a tremendous game plan is very much appreciated It is so nice being associated with a great team like Inch Creative!



Dennis Allen

Thank you very much for going the extra step, you don’t find that kind of customer service very often anymore.

CBIZ, Inc.

Kimberley S. Calderaro

Amy you have been truly wonderful through this whole process. Thanks!!!

LIXIL Water Technology Americas

Bruce L. Peyser

You are really an extension of our marketing team

Thompson Hine LLP

Alvidas A. Jasin

I highly recommend [Inch Creative].  They have worked with our store for several years, and also collaborated with Ernst & Young when I was there.  They are a top-notch group with excellent client service and very competitive prices.  Best of all, they don't require a huge commitment from their customers!   We like them so much that our HR department hired them to do our annual staff service award program.

Kinetico Incorporated

Mike Farris

Awesome as always [Inch Creative]! I appreciate the effort and energy you have expended. Exemplary service! You make me think that you care for our customers as much as I do!

CBIZ B&I Special Risk

Katherine Powell

You folks are fantastic - we have dealt with other vendors for these kind of materials and this is by far the easiest and most accommodating experience we've had. You are a fountain of patience.

clients love us.

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