Utilizing Direct Mail In The Digital World

Direct mail has been around for a long time. Even in the age of the digital world, physical, direct mail is something that many companies are still doing. Should your company still consider utilizing direct mail?

The History Of Direct Mail 

In the 80s and 90s, mail was king. Every niche, industry, and the market was throwing their money at this form of communication. But over the years and as of recently, the response rate has been plummeting. Direct mail return has also been dropping steadily since the introduction of digital mail. 

Direct Mail vs. Main In The Digital Age

Nowadays, your direct mail consists of email, smartphones, and your personal computers. When you go through your email nowadays, it feels like when you open your physical mail – keeping what is essential and throwing out the junk. But even in the digital age, you’re still dealing with spam mail or junk mail. 

Digital Mail Response Rate 

The chances of someone opening a physical letter from your company are still 90%. This is because you’re providing something tangible that the recipient feels more inclined to open and read. The chances of someone opening an email that they deem spam or junk drop down to only five percent.

Statistics say that a piece of mail will stay in your home for fifteen to seventeen days. But this doesn’t mean bad news for companies still sending out their physical mail.

A Hybrid Dose Of Direct Mail 

Even in the digital age, direct, physical mail is still tangible to people. When people receive a letter, they respond differently if they get an email. With these differences, it should be noted that companies should still incorporate physical mail into their lines of communication. 

Discover More About Direct Mail 

Paper mail is still a trend, even in the digital world. To learn more about direct mail, please visit our website for more details. 

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