Service Award Program

Establish Excellent Relations With Your Team With The Service Award Program

Any business or company should want to reward their employees for a job well done. It is essential for keeping morale high and thanking those who have been with the company for a while. This can be achieved in many ways, but one way is through a service award program.

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Find The Gem Of Your Company

This program would not only reward employees based on their length of time with the company. Still, it could also include categories such as Most Valuable Player, Above and Beyond, etc. This would allow employees to feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work. Not only would this program boost morale, but it would also incentivize employees to stay with the company for longer. And that is always good for business.

A Great Way To Motivate And Award The Deserving

A service award program is a great way to reward employees for their years of service. By creating custom categories, you can tailor the program to fit the needs of your business. For example, you could add a class for employees who have been with the company for more than five years or have achieved certain milestones.

Recognize Your Employees’ Contributions Today

Recognizing your employees' contributions can create a more positive work environment and improve morale. In addition, a service award program can help to attract and retain talent within your organization. By offering rewards for loyalty and long-term commitment, you can make your business more attractive to potential recruits. Ultimately, a service award program is an invaluable tool for any business that wants to recognize and encourage employee loyalty.

What's Included in Your Service Award Program?

designed to recognize employees for years of service


A Custom Website

A custom website in your branded colors featuring your logo. Also includes a customized message for each participant.

Categories & Products

A point-based program designed around your budget.

Based on your budget to award each milestone (example 5 years, 10 years, etc)

Gifts: Includes up to 15 gifts to select from at each milestone

Products may be non branded retail type items - OR branded items … or a combination of the two



*Personal Merchandising: upon answering a brief questionnaire: your dedicated rep will suggest product categories and suggest products that will best appeal to your special audience.

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