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Direct Mail Campaigns - Direct Advantage

Tangible branding resonates with prospects and delivers high conversion rates.

Results, Unfiltered

Marketing emails can get filtered to spam or tossed into junk before the recipient reads the full subject line. But direct mail has an impact companies feel—with more inquiries, sales, and brand support. Inch Creative can give your business a direct mail advantage with a tailored program that gets results.


Rising Response Rates

We look forward to checking the mailbox every day—at least 41% of Americans do, and that includes 36% who are younger than 30 years old. Millennials might be more tethered to devices than consumers in previous generations, but this is one reason why direct mail is so effective even among digital natives. Thirty percent said direct mail inspires them to take action vs. 24% for email.

>>The response rate for direct mail is 9 times higher than email—a landslide win for mail you can touch, feel and relate to, if the branding is done right.

Open to Your Brand

Studies show we appreciate learning about new offerings by direct mail from brands we trust. Plus, direct mail sticks around and is usually kept in a household for 17 days on average.

>>Up to 90% of direct mail is opened vs. 20-30% of emails.


Personalized, printed letters go a long way in connecting with your customers on a more intimate level and it will increase the odds of your brand being recognized and standing out among the competition.


We will provide an upfront rate per piece based on your volume so you know exactly what you are spending… and saving. Each project is unique – let us help design a program that works for you.

National Change of Address (NCOA) List Processing

Keeping return mail down to a minimum is essential in reducing mailing costs.  Postal regulations are advancing toward automation with a priority on delivering mail to the right place the first time.

Using NCOA processing services offers cost savings and better list control, ultimately getting you better results for what you’re spending.

List Management

Inch Creative uses professional mailing and list management software capable of processing large files to keep your mailing lists and marketing databases clean and up to date. We maintain software that performs gender coding, name parsing, custom selection processing, geocoding, radius selection, and more.


Custom Duplicate Elimination

Duplicated mail is an occurrence not to be overlooked. It will not only increase your mailing costs, but the annoyance could turn off potential customers. From standard household dupe elimination to special retention rules, Inch Creative will show you how to avoid this scenario and save money in both print production and postage.


Envelope Addressing

It’s a no-brainer; a properly prepared and personally addressed envelope will dramatically improve the chance it will be opened. The professionals at Inch Creative will handle this task for you applying keen attention to detail to make sure your materials are addressed correctly and clearly.


Postal Service Guidance

Inch Creative works directly with a United States Postal Service (USPS) support team to make sure we always have the most up-to-date information from mail rates to mail program discounts as well as any additional information that matters most to our customers.

Mail Piece Hand Assembly & Stuffing

You shouldn’t have to compromise your vision and goals due to a time crunch. For jobs that require piece matching or custom stuffing that cannot be automated, leave these time-consuming tasks to the Inch team so you can focus on more immediate needs.


A strategic branding program with an Inch Creative graphic design and content specialist will get your message into prospects hands—and inspire action. Ask us how our direct mail campaigns can align with your rewards program, website and other marketing touchpoints. We’re here to help!